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Minister Carlisle: Southern Cape's George Airport Revamped Intersection Signage Completed

14 December 2011

Robin Carlisle, the Minister of Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, has announced the completion of improvements to the R102/R404 intersection near George Airport in the Southern Cape.

The R102 has priority at the intersection, which means that unlike traffic approaching from the R404, traffic does not need to stop.

R102 Approaches

"Motorists using the intersection will notice that we have erected high-visibility general warning and crossroad on priority road warning signs 300 metres in the advance of the intersection on both approaches on the R102," said Minister Carlisle.

"The advance direction signs that were 320 metres away were relocated to 240 metres from the intersection. New advance direction signs that incorporate the Trailblazer to the N2 will replace these signs during 2012."

R404 Approaches

"On the R404 approaches, 160 metres away from the intersection, we have erected high-visibility stop ahead and priority crossroad on non-priority road warning signs," Minister Carlisle said.

"The stop lines and the word 'stop' have also been freshly painted. Unnecessary signs were removed and sharp curve chevrons were erected at the final sharp curve just before the stop on the approach from Blanco."

Other Improvements

"We have not just added more signs to the existing signs layout, because too many signs can lead to driver overload."

"Instead, we have removed those signs that are irrelevant, and we have relocated others to appropriate sign spacing so that each sign could be easily read by passing motorists."

Minister Carlisle said that in his written response to George Mayor Charles Standers he explains that he has addressed almost all of the mayor's concerns, detailed in a 9 December letter to the minister regarding the intersection.

"I would like to thank our dedicated Roads Branch for once again stepping up, despite a huge number of urgent projects that require very careful and considerate prioritisation and a limited budget."

The minister said that the department would draw on expertise from outside of the department to see if they have any further suggestions to make the intersection safer.

"I will also be happy to address members of the George and Eden councils and any interested parties and indeed the general public on this matter."

"Every life lost on our roads is one life too many and I hope with all my heart that the completed and future improvements will make a difference."

"However, I would also like to remind motorists using the intersection that almost every crash that has happened there has been the result of human error and could have been avoided if drivers had simply applied the rules of the road."

"It is therefore imperative that motorists actually read the signs and drive accordingly."

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