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Metro Police Arrested a Tax Driver with 51 Outstanding Traffic Warrants of Arrest

3 September 2009
Metro Police officers on duty in Victoria Road, Camps Bay, yesterday arrested a taxi driver who had 51 warrants of arrests against his name. The taxi parked illegally in a bus stop zone and the driver was fined accordingly. It was also noticed that his number plate did not correspond with the vehicles' license disc. He explained that he bought the vehicle two weeks ago and registered it in his name but, failed to renew the number plates. He was still operating on the previous owner's licence disc. He was then told that he cannot operate with the vehicle and was requested to leave the area. After disobeying the officer's instruction, he was then asked to accompany them to the Gallows Hill Traffic Department.

When the database of outstanding warrants of arrest was checked, it was found that he had 51 outstanding warrants of arrests for traffic offences, ranging from failing to wear a safety belt to disobeying road traffic signs as well as numerous parking offences. The monetary value of all the warrants amounts to R38 400.

Deputy Chief Yolanda Faro said, "The driver was arrested, detained at the Central Police Station and appeared in court earlier today. He was denied bail and will again appear in court on 8 September 2009."

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