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MEC Fritz marks international anti-corruption day - report extortion

11 December 2020

To mark international anti-corruption day on 9 December 2020, the Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, welcomes the consistent efforts made through the priority committee on organised crime and extortion; and calls on residents who have experienced, are aware of, or suspect related criminal activity to report such to the SAPS extortion hotline.

On 13 November, the priority committee convened its first meeting. Minister Fritz welcomed the outcomes of the priority committee which was convened by the office of the National Minister of Police as a positive step towards combatting the reported spate of extortion in the province.

This multi-sectoral priority committee is meeting on a weekly basis and numerous operations are being carried out with dedicated resources being made available to focus on extortion related cases. Various sectors have opened cases which will be tracked by the Department of Community safety. Additionally, the National Prosecuting Authority has indicated that they are prioritizing these cases for prosecution.

Minister Fritz said, “I encourage members of the public to open cases to ensure that perpetrators are brought to book and that the dignity and economic wellbeing of our communities is restored. Anyone with information on extortion in the province, or who has been approached to pay protection fees can anonymously report this to the police, on the SAPS extortion hotline by calling 021 466 0011. We must ensure that these cases are reported so that SAPS can investigate.”

Minister Fritz added, “I welcome the transversal manner in which SAPS, City of Cape Town and the Western Cape Government are working together to address the spate of organised crime and extortion that have been reported in recent weeks. Too many of our small businesses and citizens have expressed concern, from our CBD to our peri-urban communities, on this matter and we must take every step possible to stop it.”

Minister Fritz continued, “We cannot sit idly and allow criminal syndicates and racketeers to threaten business in our province, particularly as we approach the festive season and try to revive our economy.  Reports have shown that gangs are targeting our community members, transport services, local businesses, ECDs, and even government officials. The threat of extortion is a threat to the state and its institutions. It is simply unacceptable and each of us has a duty to put a stop to it.


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