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Health Infrastructure Upgrades

5 April 2016

Knysna Hospital has enjoyed numerous upgrades to the delight of staff and the community. One will hardly recognise the hospital from the N2 should your visit have been more than four years ago. The old Emergency Centre (EC) was replaced by a state-of-the-art unit in 2014. It was upgraded from a 4-bed unit to a 14-bed unit, with dedicated service areas. The new  160 m² surface area addition consists of a 3-cot rehydration unit, a 4-bed nebulisation unit, a 2-bed resuscitations unit, a 5-bed major ward and a 4-bed overnight/minors ward. The separate triage and 3-room consultations area front room, as well as the isolation room and safety observation room, fracture unit and decontamination unit, is a vast improvement over the previous 1-room approach. Not only was the EC upgraded, but also the outpatient department, pharmacy, and the maternity ward. Other parts of the hospital that are currently being upgraded are the 16-bed/cot children’s ward to a cubicle, glass door, modern open plan, clean lined children’s ward with all modern fittings – a well-equipped unit to accommodate every need of their children.

Stage 2 and 3 is the upgrade of the male and female wards to bring them up to par with their new labour ward and midwifery wing. These changes will improve security; access, ablution facilities and modernise all obsoleted finishes.
The kitchen is also being revamped and the road leading to the hospital paved.
Both staff and the community can make a big difference by working together as a team and achieve only the best for the new Knysna Hospital – something everyone can be proud of.

Other smaller infrastructure projects for  Knysna sub-district include pre-fab doctors consulting rooms for Sedgefield-, Karatara, - and Keurhoek Clinics. 

With all these upgrades, revitalising and renewing comes extra responsibility from both the staff, patients and the community. 


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