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Groote Schuur Hospital Appreciation Wednesday hero – Amelia Rogers

24 June 2020

Today’s Appreciation Wednesday hero at Groote Schuur Hospital is Amelia Rogers, a Control Officer in the Environmental Hygiene Services (EHS). The campaign seeks to give appreciation to ordinary heroes who are inspiring others during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amelia (45), who lives in Grassy Park, started her career at Groote Schuur Hospital as a cleaner, and will this year be celebrating 10 years of service at the institution. She says she enjoys coming to work as the staff are always willing to assist each other to make things easier for each other. In addition, she appreciates the support from her direct managers for their guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Amelia, the EHS have had to adjust as to how wards are cleaned during the pandemic. “Staff who are vulnerable to Covid-19 had to be moved to other wards and others were needed in the Covid-19 wards. In this time, there is more pressure on staff to make sure the areas are Covid-19 clean. This includes the waste and linen used in the Covid-19 wards and therefore, terminal cleaning takes place all the time. Staff are thus more responsible and willing to make that difference. Wearing the correct PPE (personal protective equipment in the wards also vital,” she adds.

The role that her colleagues play and the actions of managers to inspire others are important, she explains. “Different staff experience different situations and they need an ear to listen to their problems. As a manager, it is important to be available to listen to what their problems are and try to assist. During this time, our direct managers have supported us, have regularly communicated important information, and tried solving issues immediately.”

As this is an anxious time for everyone, the main message is to remain calm. “I was diagnosed with Covid-19 on 17 April and I received health care and am back at work now and able to communicate to staff about my experience with Covid-19. This makes it easier for me to motivate staff and show appreciation due to me having experience firsthand in getting Covid-19. But don’t be anxious, have faith and deal with it. See this as an alter call and make your situation right with the Lord.”

Photo caption: Amelia Rogers at Groote Schuur Hospital.


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