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Department of Local Government rolls out district-based councillor training

14 October 2022

On Tuesday, 04 October 2022, the Department of Local Government launched their annual Councillor Seasonal Schools in George.  The learning opportunity is a collaborative and co-funded initiative between the Department of Local Government, Hanns Seidel Foundation, the Civics Academy and Stellenbosch Public School for Leadership. This series of one-day workshops are facilitated by lecturers from Stellenbosch School of Public Leadership under the theme, ‘How to maintain public accountability to ensure effective and efficient service delivery towards communities.’

The key objectives of the workshop are to provide democratic and accountable government for local communities, ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner, promote social and economic development, promote safe and healthy environments and to encourage the involvement of communities and community organisations in the affairs of local government.

During the facilitation of the councillors expectations at the launch in George, the Deputy Director: Training Coordinator, Ms Zanele Mtyoko placed emphasis on the importance of the workshop and that its aim is to equip the councillors with the necessary skills to be able to perform their tasks in their respective roles. She encouraged them to implement the skills learnt at the training in their respective municipalities.

Dr Sandra Greyling, the Director: Municipal Support and Capacity Building, introduced the purpose of the workshop, linking it to the purpose of the system of government across national to local government. She applauded councillors for taking up the position. She explained that as custodians of the local government sphere Councillors will have to navigate its complexities through, amongst others, resilience and partnerships. Councillors were encouraged to enjoy this learning opportunity and inform the Department of any remaining learning needs that they require assistance with.

A presentation on Public Accountability, Governance Perspective, Local Government Budget, Local Government Contracts and Municipal Councillors in Respect of Public Spending was facilitated by Mr Nico de Kock and Dr Len Mortimer from Stellenbosch School of Public Leadership (SPL) under the leadership of Mr Johnny Douglas.  In addition to this, Dr Mortimer enlightened the delegates on the importance of public accountability, as it promotes community involvement and participation.  He pointed out that public accountability ensures that elected councillors are openly held accountable for the decisions that’s taken on behalf of the community. He further noted that the success of a municipality is determined to a large extent on accountability. Mr Douglas further shared the traits of an ethical leader. In closing, Dr Sandra Greyling thanked the councillors for their participation in the session.

The workshops will be held in all five districts over a period of three weeks and attended by Councillors nominated from Local and District Municipalities.  These workshops form part of the Department’s individual capacity building drive, to ensure improved governance, accountability to and relations between government and its citizens. Certificates of Attendance will be issued to each Councillors in attendance.

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