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Current and Future Education Infrastructure Projects – Accessible to the Public

29 April 2014
Last week, Premier Helen Zille launched the Western Cape Government’s Capital Infrastructure Delivery website (accessible via the home page banner at which provides a comprehensive picture of the many key infrastructure projects that will be delivered by some of our provincial departments over the next three financial years.
Some of the projects outlined include infrastructure projects that will benefit education, such as new and replacement schools and maintenance projects. 
Over the next three financial years, communities throughout the Western Cape will see the completion or the start of construction of 62 new and replacement schools at a cost of R2.1 billion. (These figures do not include schools that will still be in the planning stages.)
Of the 62 schools, 22 are new schools – 10 primary and 10 secondary.
Two of the schools are Special Needs Schools and 40 are replacement schools – 35 primary schools and five secondary schools.
The WCED will build these schools in the following districts:


Number of new and replacement schools

Cape Winelands






West Coast


Metro Central


Metro East


Metro North


Metro South


To view the location of the schools – please visit the capital expenditure website accessible via the home page banner at
The schools and areas have been selected using base information on the utilisation levels of schools depicted geographically.  In addition to this base information, it includes school-specific data such as learner enrolment levels and trends, the actual and required size of school facilities; whether schools operate from leased premises or are built with inappropriate materials.
In addition to the new and replacement schools, a large proportion of infrastructure spend will be on maintenance.
The successful and structured roll-out of textbooks to all schools over the last three years has pointed the way to a similar approach which will be taken in terms of infrastructure and maintenance.
In the last three years, the WCED increased the school maintenance budget significantly and plans to direct more expenditure towards maintenance projects in the next three years where R599 million will be spent on maintenance projects at nearly 400 schools.
The major focus on maintenance in this plan is not only about increasing the portion of the budget available for improving the maintenance of our schools. It is also about fundamentally changing the way maintenance is conceived and executed, as well as, engaging with schools and communities so that they too can play a role in making our school structures conducive to positive learning environments. 
The maintenance projects will focus on the following areas:
1. Roof repairs
2. Sewerage and ablution facilities
3. Water supply
4. Electrical supply
5. Structural repairs
6. Gutters and facia boards
7. Ceilings
8. Perimeter fences
9. Painting
The Western Cape Government believes that the publishing of the details of our infrastructure investments over the next three years on the website, demonstrates the Western Cape Government’s commitment to transparency and investing in, and developing, infrastructure in the province.
We hope the website will be used as a tool for citizens to become more informed about the planned education infrastructure projects in their communities.
We must, however, remember that the environment within which our education system operates is evolving all the time and that there will be times when specific needs by schools will have to be accommodated - such as unexpected growth in certain areas
We need to be planning and responding better to the changing demands on our education system.  With our Geographic Information System (GIS) for Infrastructure Planning and the implementation of this three year infrastructure plan we are confident that we have been able to do just that.
That is why we will also continue updating the website with new infrastructure projects that will be delivered in the future.


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