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COVID-19 vaccines for over 50-year age group

2 July 2021

As of 1 July 2021, the registration for COVID vaccination has opened on the EVDS for people over the age of 50 years. This is a positive step in our efforts to provide vaccine coverage to our population in the Western Cape.

The EVDS system is accepting registrations and is allocating appointments for the people over 50 years to be vaccinated. The SMS appointment notifications to people over the age of 50 years who have successfully registered, will commence on Friday, 2nd July to allow for scheduled appointments as from Monday, 5th July. Thus over 50-year-olds with valid appointments will be accepted at our vaccination sites.

As from Monday, 5th July, the EVDS system will allocate available appointment slots in the following order of priority:

Priority 1 - people 60 years and older requiring their 1st dose of Pfizer vaccine;

Priority 2 - people 60 years and older who are eligible for their 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine (approximately 42 days after their 1st dose);

Priority 3 - people aged 50 -59 years requiring their 1st dose of Pfizer vaccine.

As usual, a limited numbers of walk-ins will be accommodated at the vaccination sites. The number of walk-ins depend on the available capacity and vaccine doses available at each individual site.

Although the over-50 age band is open, the Department remains committed to ensure we prioritise our most vulnerable. Thus people 60 years and older will be prioritised in the walk-in queues over people who are aged 50 -59 years.


Call for 60-years and older:

We urge any citizen 60 years and older who has not registered, or have not received an appointment, to please present to their closest public sector vaccination site for assisted registration and vaccination.  The first dose for 60-year and older remains the highest priority at the moment.


Safety first:
The country is currently in an established 3rd wave of COVID infections, and it is crucial that over-crowding be avoided at vaccination sites and that social distancing and mask wearing be strictly adhered to. Please adhere to local site protocols and staff directions for safety.


We thank the public for the co-operation and patience. Let’s work together to roll out the vaccines safely, efficiently and in a fair and dignified manner for all our citizens. Please watch your local media for more details or visit