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Confidence and excitement as Team Western Cape leave for China

24 July 2014

Excitement filled the air as team Western Cape departed for China from Cape Town International airport on 23 July. As a  result of the sport co-operation agreement between the Western Cape and Shandong , the team was invited to take part in the Weifang Cup which is taking place from 27 July to 2 August 2014.

Michael Bruyns, one of the Managers of the project, said that the team is confident and looking forward to the tournament. “After training for two and a half months, the team feels that they are well prepared and ready to take on their opponents” he said.

Byron McKellar of Hellenic Football Club, who is captaining the team, said he is going to use his past experiences as a captain to guide the team to get as far as possible in the tournament. His advice to his team members was “stay focused, and make sure you don’t get side tracked by the excitement of the overseas trip”. Byron also said that he feels the team is  mentally prepared for the tournament, and will encourage the players as best he can.

Most of the team players are looking forward their first trip overseas, and to taking part in the tournament against teams such as Brazil and Germany. One of the player’s mothers, Yolanda Hahn, said she is ”very excited for and proud of her son”. She also said that it has been her son’s dream since the age of 6 to play football overseas, and that she is happy that his dream is coming true.    

The team took part in a training camp from 1-3 July to prepare for the Weifang Cup. The members of team Western Cape walked through the gates at the airport confidently and singing ‘kawele’ and ‘Iyo iyo nana’.  DCAS wishes the team members well on their trip.

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