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City Bans Fishing in the Sonstraal and Vygeboom Dams in Durbanville

10 March 2005
The recent outbreak of avian botulism, commonly known as bird flu, in the Sonstraal and Vygeboom dams, which resulted in a moratorium on fishing in the dams being imposed, was the subject of a public meeting held in the Durbanville Council Chambers on Tuesday night, 8 March 2005.

Councillor Koos Bredenhand, chairperson of the Koeberg Sub-council, chaired the meeting, which was attended by ward councillor Danetta Smit and 18 members of the community. Various officials from the City of Cape Town, as well as a representative from Cape Nature Conservation, were also in attendance.

Although the botulism appears to be currently under control, the general sentiment of the meeting was that fishing in the dams leads to unnecessary injury to the birds. Birds have been strangled with fishing line, and even found with fish hooks in their beaks, are often encountered at these dams.

The meeting decided that the municipality be requested not to lift the moratorium on fishing, but to substitute it with a total prohibition on fishing in these dams.

The Directorate City Parks and Nature Conservation considered the request and due to the multitude of problems related to fishing, agreed to the imposition of a ban on fishing at these dams.

Therefore, no fishing is permitted at the dams and notice boards to this effect will be erected. The presence of Law Enforcement will be increased at these dams to ensure compliance.

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