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Skills Development and Innovation


Skills Development and Innovation

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It is an established fact that a capable and skilled workforce is essential for a productive and resilient economy, especially under the conditions of increasing international competition. An educated and learning workforce that exhibit appropriate behavioural characteristics is key in securing progressive improvements in productivity, adaptability, ingenuity and creativity. These attributes also expand the use, experience, and transferability of employees between industries and sectors. Highly qualified, knowledgeable and talented workers further contribute to innovation and technological progresses and competitiveness that is key to export growth.

The Programme will facilitate the provisioning of Human Capital and Innovation skills to deliver on the economic Human Resources Development needs of the Western Cape.

The Programme further will align and give support to the Provincial priorities of Jobs, Safety and Wellbeing of the citizens of the Province.

There are three sub-programmes which will drive the skills development agenda in the Province, these are:

Programme 7.1 Provincial Skills and Partnerships

Programme 7.2 Skills Programmes and Projects

Programme 7.3 Skills Incentives

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