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Artisan Development Programme

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The Artisan Development Programme focusses on artisan development and getting learners into apprenticeships. 

The advantages of apprentices are the additional workforce for the company, the tax rebates that can be claimed and the increase in productivity at the company. 

Through this programme learners get the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace while applying the theoretical training that was learned at TVET or private colleges.

Objective of Programme

The objective of the Artisan Development Programme is to link the industry to the training institutes and ensure that the learner that exits the programme after completing the trade test is ready to be absorbed by the industry and adheres to the industry standards.

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Criteria to be part of the Artisan Development Programme

Criteria for Learners (Phase 1-2 must be complete)

•          Must be ready for an 18-month work placement (TVET Students)

•          Min Requirement - NCV 3 , NQF 3, N2 and/or Technical Grade 11

  • Must be between 18-34 years of age
  • Must be an unemployed South African citizen that reside in the Western Cape

Criteria for host companies

To be considered to participate in the Artisan Development Programme, companies need to:

•          be a SETA accredited workplace;

•          must have qualified artisans in the workplace who will act as a mentor for the learners

•          Provide training to learners during the 18 month period

•          Provide mentorship for the learners to ensure the appropriate support, skills transfer and assessment of participants.

  • Fund the learners for trade test preparation and trade tests or source funding (other than DEDAT) for these activities. (Phase 4 of above diagram)
  • Ensure learner is registered for UIF and COIDA while at the workplace.

The Artisan Development Programme has replaced the Artisan Game Changer that has come to an end in 2019. See the Shape and Build video clips for more information about the Artisan Game Changer. 

AGC : Shape 

ACG: Build 

How to apply?

There are two types of application, the first type is a Lead Company Application and the second is a Host Company application.

A Lead Company application is where, amongst other things, the Lead Company onboards and pays the learners a stipend on behalf of the Department. The Department will refund the lead company.

This model assists the Host Companies by ensuring they can focus on the practical and training aspects of the programme without being overburdened by administration.

The Host Company application is where, the Host Company (The Engineering Company) not only trains and provides learners with practical work experience, but also pays and manages the compliance aspects.

The Department would like to invite all organisations that have the capacity to provide experiential learning opportunities to youth through the provisioning of meaningful employment opportunities, to contact the department through the email below.


Complete them and submit to

Any enquiry could be sent to:

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