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Skills Incentives

Programme 7.3: Skills Incentives

Skill Incentives aims to attract and access funds to support the jobs and skills eco-system in the economic priority sectors of the Province.

The leveraged funds are directed along the skills pipeline and includes, amongst others training, work placement, upskilling, retraining, development of new programs, refining existing programs, subsidies, stipends, and co-funding (financial and non-financial) for beneficiaries, in and out of the education system and in companies/organizations requiring assistance.

The Skills Incentives Initiatives:

  • encourage the host companies to use the workplace as an active learning environment

  • provides opportunities to new entrants into the labor market to gain work experience

  • improves the employment prospects of mainly unemployed youth

  • encourages, where applicable, initiating new venture creation

  • developing co-funding skills models that achieve “value for money” and decrease the cost to the host companies

Skills Incentives also co-ordinates the Western Cape SETA Cluster, which aims to facilitate improved employability of mainly youth and increased participation of employers through:

  • partnerships to leverage funds for DEDAT Skills Projects

  • collaborating to address skills gaps towards gainful employment and / or entrepreneurship

  • contributing to appropriate skills funding intelligence data and reports (Sector Education and Training Authority – Skills Funding Intelligence Report (SETA-SFIR)

  • creating solutions to support the Public Colleges and SETA Collaborativ Forum

  • strengthening alignment and sharing best practice between DEDAT and the Western Cape SETA Cluster members

The content on this page was last updated on 22 October 2021