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Work and Skills Programme



The Work and Skills Programme creates learning and work placement opportunities for unemployed youth in the Western Cape's economic sectors in order to improve the future employment prospects of participants.

A better educated and more highly skilled workforce is the most pressing long-term priority for the economy. The Work and Skills Programme, which is demand-led, aims to improve the future employment prospects of participants, to develop workplace readiness skills and to provide appropriate skills transfer which aims to translate to sustainable employment.

Partnerships have been formed with Provincial Departments, SETA's, FETC's, Sector Development Agencies and companies/business. DEDAT will enlist a service provider to do project design with particular emphasis on skills development and job placement.

To participate, companies need be registered entities. Host companies will be required to provide written commitment to participate in the programme and be willing to co-fund the stipend payment to learners. A monthly stipend of R1500 will subsidised by DEDAT to learners enrolled on the programme with effect 2013/14. Host companies are required to identify mentors to provide the appropriate support/skills transfer and assessment of participants. Learners must be between 18 and 35 years, have a matric (or equivalent qualification) and must be unemployed SA citizens residing in the Western Cape.

Video: Creating opportunities for the youth of the Western Cape

Contact Details at the Department of Economic Development & Tourism:

Caro Werner
Tel: 021 483 9499

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