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Johan du Toit           Kennedy Kitheka          Stuart Forrest
Johan du Toit                             Kennedy Kitheka                      Stuart Forrest



Kennedy Kitheka: Funda

Funda partners with universities to create affordable, online learning programmes with dynamic course content. Their first partnership, with Continuing Education at University of Pretoria (CE @ UP), allows students across Sub-Saharan Africa to access a range of cloud-based courses. The Funda team entered their idea into the Mazars business competition in 2011, and used their R50 000 prize to launch the business by creating short, exciting videos explaining difficult concepts in physical science and mathematics. In 2012 the United Nations awarded them Best Online Platform contributing to meeting the Millennium Challenge in education. The company is now working on a range of new courses as part of its partnership with CE @ UP.
Contact details: Tel: 072 338 1939, e-mail: kennedy@funda.ac

Stuart Forrest: Triggerfish Animation

Triggerfish Animation develops and produces animated feature films for the global market. The company has produced two international feature films, Adventures in Zambezia (2012), starring Samuel L. Jackson and, Khumba (2013), starring Liam Neeson. Both of these films have been dubbed into over 25 languages and have been released in cinemas in over 40 countries. Triggerfish is currently in development on three new feature films, which it plans to release over the next five years. The company is building a world-class animation studio to produce content that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the major Hollywood studios.
Contact details: Tel: 021 713 4008, e-mail: stuart@triggerfish.co.za

Johan du Toit: Lusahn Pet Products

Every year, thousands of pets and valuable animals go missing, are stolen, or are trafficked over borders. Lusahn Pet Products enables pet owners to register their pets on a database, and implant a microchip which allows lost pets to be easily identified via a unique code. The company, which already has more than 100 000 pets on its database, aims to expand its operations to include farm animals, wildlife and an international database with global search functionality. By working closely with animal shelters and organizing “chip days” when animals can have the implant done for free, they are growing the number of animal owners registering their pets.
Contact details: Tel: 022 485 7319, e-mail: digiprofs@telkomsa.net

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