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Neil du Preez                             Shameem Kumandan                 Catherine Morris


Shameem Kumandan: Washtub Industrial Laundry Service

Washtub Industrial Laundry Service was established in 1995 as a small launderette for students in Stellenbosch. The organization is now one of the fastest-growing and most innovative laundry businesses in the country. It’s more than 60 workers are drawn from the ranks of the unemployed and unskilled, and are given valuable skills and training. The company’s equipment and operations are designed to minimise electricity consumption and environmental impact by recycling water and controlling effluent and chemicals usage.
Contact details: Tel: 021 931 3786,

Neil du Preez: Mellowcabs

Mellowcabs manufactures and operates electric mini-cabs that provide an on-demand taxi service in cities, with revenue derived from passenger fares and advertising. Mellowcabs also boasts a mobile app, allowing passengers to monitor Mellowcabs positions around them, book a cab, pay for a cab or rate the service received. Currently in pre-production, the emission-free taxis have world-leading technology and capabilities, and will be on the road by end 2014. As cities become more populated, with a growing need for affordable transport, and as energy costs and pollution drive the need for more efficient and green solutions, Mellowcabs will provide a logical option – and the company has a global vision to be in every major city, supported by strong interest from potential partners. Regenerative braking (using braking to charge batteries), illuminated body panels and sustainable shell materials are just some of the innovations inherent in the Mellowcabs concept.
Contact details: Tel: 021 876 4240, e-mail:

Catherine Morris: GreenHome Products

Catherine Morris started GreenHome Products (GHP) after she saw a disposable cup made from Tapioca instead of polystyrene in Thailand. Today GHP supplies sustainable, biodegradable food packaging made from annually renewable, plant-based raw materials. Most of the products are made from bagasse, the material left over after sugar has been extracted from sugarcane. Their range includes coffee cups, take-away containers, plates, bowls, cutlery, bags and much more. The company employs 18 people and its customer base is growing rapidly and already supplies to eight other African countries. Because the concept of compostable packaging is a relatively new one, GHP runs a marketing campaign encouraging people to look at green waste as a potential resource and offers clients a composting service. GHP is the first biodegradable food packaging company in South Africa, and as a result has experience, a solid reputation and a growing brand following.
Contact details: Tel: 021 762 6033, 

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