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Public Information: F

General information publications, listed alphabetically. These documents are also placed under the relevant life events and categories in Your Life and Topics.
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This document assists potential entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, highlighting issues that need to be considered and providing information about how to set up a business. It looks at the potential of the tourism industry, choosing whether to enter the industry, operating a small tourism business, how to establish various types of tourism businesses, writing a business plan and writing proposals.
239 2014
This fact file explains what biotechnology is, how it affects us, the controversy around various biotechology issues and the extent of the Biotech sector in South Africa.
1156 2014
This information sheet explains what exchange rates and exchange controls are and how they work in the South African context.
1156 2014
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Information on what birth defects are, examples of birth defects, what can be done for people who have them and a list of contact numbers where services can be obtained in the country.

55 2014
This fact sheet contains details on the upgraded SA bank notes.
1156 2014
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This fact sheet provides basic information on Crimean Congo Viral Heamorrhagic Fever, how it is spread, the risk it poses to humans and how it should be treated.
147 2014
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This fact sheet explains how the child support grant will be extended to children up to 14 years old.
61 2014
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This update looks at the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa.
55 2014
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This publication provides basic facts about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS amongst women and girls, as well as their increased vulnerability and the additional burden of care that falls to them.
55 2014
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This fact sheet provides basic details on immunisation including details on why it is so important and what diseases children are routinely vaccinated against.
55 2014

With the population increasing everyday, exercise your human right to family planning. Find out what the benefits are to having a smaller family.

70 2020 2020

Wailing fire engines and rumbling Harley Davidson motorcycles flooded the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital precinct for the hospital's annual Christmas Parade on 18 December. 

Father Christmas – with his big belly, bright red suit and trademark white beard – swopped his sleigh for a ride on a Harley Davidson cruiser, much to the delight of the little patients, their families and staff. 

55 2014 2014

The Western Cape Government has announced its finalists for the Premier's Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards 2014. 

After a province-wide call for entries, which closed on 15 September, the judging process involved the selection of three finalists in each category who were then assessed by three judging panels. The finalists selected across the five categories represent a diverse range of businesses covering activities such as media, technology, education and food production.

227 2014 2014

This Directorate provides an overall financial management support service to the Department and the three public entities reporting to the Minister for Cultural Affairs and Sport.


Telephone: 021 483 9525

Email: /

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1219 2014

Hello Boys and Girls! The Fire and Flood Awareness Campaign is here again! Take part in our exciting competitions and write a story or draw a picture about how to respond to fires and floods. Remember to tell your friends and family to call 10177 (from a landline) or 112 (from a cell phone) if a fire or flood strikes.

1219 2010 2013

With summer upon us, fire-fighters are on high alert to respond to fires and other disasters that may arise during the hot and windy months

70 2014

Job Descriptions for the following posts that fall under the fire fighting department can be found listed below: 

430 2014 2014

1. Home Fire Escape Plan

2. Fire - Prepare to Survive

430 2015 2015

Every day, many of us wake up, commute to work and spend most of our time focused on routine behaviours.

But ever so often the unexpected might happen: a building fire, a veld fire, a vehicle fire or some other fire disaster. Routines change drastically and we are suddenly aware of how fragile our lives and routines can be. Each fire disaster can have lasting effects – people may be seriously injured or killed, and devastating and costly property damage can occur.

431 2014 2015

It's best to make sure that you know what the law says about setting off fireworks in your neighbourhood.

70 2019 2020

Even though fireworks are beautiful and exciting to watch, they can also be potentially dangerous. Fireworks can cause damage to your property, harm your family or pets.

70 2018 2018

Fishing is more than just a sport, it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the Western Cape. Here’s what you need to know about permits, locations and more.

70 2019 2019

Whether you fish to make profit or fish for pleasure, you need to follow rules and regulations that protect marine life.


70 2019 2020
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As colder weather sets in, so does many seasonal illnesses and viruses such as the influenza virus, most commonly known as the flu. The majority of us will catch the flu between the last week of April until the first week of July, this is our typical flu season.

70 2017 2017
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A training manual for health workers on how to diagnose FAS, its epidemiology, characteristics and risk factors associated with the syndrome.
147 2014

One of the best things you can do for your unborn child is to avoid alcohol during your pregnancy - giving your unborn child the best possible start for their future. 

70 2019 2020

Food poisoning is a very common condition where a person gets ill because of eating or drinking contaminated foods that contain harmful germs like bacteria, viruses or parasites. 

70 2019 2019
296 2021 2021
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This document describes government's strategy to facilitate greater use of free open source software (FOSS) in government.
34 2014

Did you know that our teeth can't repair themselves? That's why we need to take extra care of them by maintaining good oral hygiene. 

 What happens if I don’t take care of my teeth?

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Where can I find adverts for Traffic Officer posts (jobs)?

Adverts are placed in newspapers and on the Western Cape Government website.

When can I expect new Traffic Officer posts(jobs) to be advertised?

There is no specific timeline or dates in the year that new posts are to be advertised, it is dependant on the Department (Provincial).

Can I apply at the College for the post (job) that was advertised?

1730 2015 2015

Frequently Asked Questions of landlords renting out residential property to tenants during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

71 2020 2021
These questions and answers have been prepared to help you comply with the new Cape Town water restrictions that are effective from 1 January 2005.
33 2005 2013

Information on the rights and obligations of landlords renting out residential property to tenants.

1156 2021

Information on the rights and obligations of people who rent residential property from a landlord or letting agent.

1156 2021
411 2019 2019
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This handbook provides information on tourism funding programmes from various government departments and public entities. It contains information on different programmes, their funding criteria, the application processes and the contact details.
46 2014