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Lifestyle changes

Having a baby comes with a lot of lifestyle of changes. Do a self-check. Do you need to eat better and exercise more?  Do you need to kick a habit like drinking or smoking or to reduce your caffeine intake? There are so many health factors to consider.

If there are any concerns about your wellness and/or risk factors that you're aware of, consider visiting your doctor for professional help and guidance. Begin to take care of your body as if you're already pregnant and start prenatal vitamins as soon as you decide that you want to try to get pregnant. 

Is there enough room?

Is your home suitable for children and do you have enough space for another little human? Have you considered how far are you from schools and other facilities you'll need? 

Most pregnancies result in 1 baby, but in some cases, the result is twins or even triplets. If one of your parents is a twin, there's a good chance you'll have twins, too. Many fertility treatments also lead to multiple births. You must consider the situations that arise when you get more than you bargained for.

The content on this page was last updated on 30 June 2020