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Take stock of your finances

Babies can be costly. From medical costs to nappies, food and basic necessities. Be sure that you've taken a good look at your budget prior to your baby's arrival. Review every aspect of the cost associated with not just having a baby but raising one as well. 

Be fully aware of the financial obligation you'll be taking on and begin to adjust your budget accordingly. 

Do you have enough savings to cover at least 6 months of expenses should you or your spouse lose your job?

If you have medical aid, make sure to find out if your prenatal costs are covered. You'll need to visit your doctor many times during your pregnancy, and the costs can add up. Don't forget to add in prenatal vitamins and other supplements you may need to take. 

A second or part-time job might not sound ideal, but consider how far a second salary could go in terms of saving. If that isn't possible, look for creative ways to supplement your income, such as selling items online or babysitting.

Additionally, look for small ways to save money around your home, like using compact fluorescent light bulbs, using your local library for books and movies, and creating meals at home instead of eating out. 

The content on this page was last updated on 30 June 2020