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Minister Marais working to reopen vaccination registration at libraries

30 June 2021

In line with Regulation No 11299 of 27 June 2021, and as per the Adjusted Alert Level 4 announced by President Ramaphosa on 27 June 2021, the Department of Cultural Affairs has closed some of our facilities to members of the public.

Our Provincial Archives is closed to visitors, but researchers and members of the public can still contact the reading room for assistance via email during this time.

Libraries across the province have also been closed to the public, in line with the national Disaster Act Alert Level 4 regulations. We are currently engaging with various stakeholders nationally to request that members of the public be granted limited access to use the broadband and computers so that they can register for vaccinations at our libraries across the province. We have already assisted 7026 registrations of residents over 60 years old as at 25 June 2021. Access to the technology required to register for the vaccine remains a challenge in some of our communities, and especially in rural areas, and our libraries remain an incredibly vital resource for those who need to register for their vaccine. This amendment will ensure equity and fairness in the vaccination programme.  

As per the regulations, initiation schools that had already started prior to 27 June 2021 may continue with initiates who are already in the schools. No new initiates or schools may start their initiation journey under the current regulations. We are engaging our initiation forums and stakeholders in this regard.

The following affiliated museums are closed to the public, in line with these regulations:

  • Bartolomeu Dias Museum
  • Beaufort West Museum
  • Caledon Museum
  • Cango Caves
  • Cape Medical Museum
  • Cape Town Museum
  • CP Nel Museum
  • Drostdy Museum
  • Fransie Pienaar Museum
  • Genadendal Museum
  • George Museum
  • Great Brak River Museum
  • Hout Bay Museum
  • Hugenote Memorial Museum
  • Jan Danckaert Museum
  • Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum
  • Montagu Museum
  • Old Harbour Museum
  • Oude Kerk Volksmuseum
  • Paarl Museum
  • Robertson Museum
  • SA Fisheries Museum
  • SA Sendinggestig Museum
  • Shipwreck Museum
  • Simons Town Museum
  • Stellenbosch Museum
  • Togryers Museum
  • Wellington Museum
  • Wheat Industry Museum
  • Worcester Museum

The regulations also clarify that “Sporting activities, including both professional and nonprofessional matches, by recognised sporting bodies are allowed, subject to strict adherence to the times of operation as provided for in regulation 17(3) and the following:

  1. Directions for sports matches issued by the Cabinet member responsible for sport after consultation with the Cabinet member responsible for health;
  2. only journalists, radio, television crew, security personnel, emergency medical services, and the necessary employees employed by the owners of the venue of the sport match, are   allowed at the venue of the sport match;
  3. only the required number of players, match officials, support staff and medical crew required for the sport match, are allowed at the venue of the sport match;
  4. no spectators are allowed at the venue of the sports match”

In cases of uncertainty, we encourage stakeholders to contact their respective federations for guidance.

Minister Marais said: “We are working hard to ensure that we can still deliver services while also keeping the public safe during this pandemic. We encourage members of the public to still access our services via email or other virtual platforms during this time. We know that many people long for the connection that is brought through sport, arts, culture and visiting our public facilities. We are innovating to find ways to still foster this sense of connection through our virtual platforms until it is safe for us to physically come together again.”

Media Enquiries: 

Stacy McLean
Spokesperson for the Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais
083 504 1171