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Minister Issues Urgent Warning About Converted Quantum Panel Vans

13 February 2010

The Minister of Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle today revealed that his department has received a credible briefing about the very real dangers to commuters traveling in mini bus taxis which have been converted from original Toyota Quantum panel vans.

On the basis of the information received, Minister Carlisle is satisfied that every Toyota Quantum conversion is a potential time bomb, and that the conversions may have already cost many lives.

Minister Carlisle has written to the Honourable National Minister of Transport to advise him of the information he had received and is waiting for the Department's response. In the meantime, the Minister feels that he has a duty to notify the citizens of the province of the danger they might face traveling in these vehicles.

"I have a moral responsibility to inform Western Cape commuters about the alleged risks that these vehicles pose. My advice to commuters is not to travel in converted Toyota Quantum panel vans until it has been established beyond a shadow of doubt that they are 100% safe" said the Minister.

Minister Carlisle added that the Legislature's Standing Committees on Community Safety and Finance respectively has already commenced a thorough investigation into the converted Toyota Quantum panel vans. All the information obtained will be passed on to the Honourable National Minister for his further attention.

The Department of Transport has established that there are 44 Toyota Quantum Panel Vans which have been converted into minibus taxis in the province. We believe that Quantum Panel Vans could be a safety risk because of the following deficiencies:

  • Floor thickness not sufficient.
  • Seat anchorage.
  • The lack of roll over protection bars
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