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Minister Carlisle Calls on Eyewitnesses to Come Forward

6 July 2011

At 01:00 in the morning of Thursday, 16 June 2011, a horrific crash occurred on the N2 at the R300 turn-off. Two women were killed when a Mercedes Benz C Class drove into the back of the Toyota Yaris in which they were travelling. Two young girls in the vehicle miraculously survived the crash. Although the driver of the Mercedes Benz fled the scene, allegedly to seek medical attention, many more people stopped to render assistance.

Subsequent irregularities in the handling of the case by the police and the release of the vehicle to a chop shop in Philippi have brought the case to the attention of the Provincial Government. The Minister of Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle, is determined that this case will not be just another incident which is not properly investigated and where justice is not served.

It has come to the Provincial Government's attention that no list of eyewitnesses was made by the police attending the scene. Survivors of the incident, however, recall many people being present, and CCTV footage confirms this.

The Minister is therefore urgently appealing to anyone who might have been present at the scene of the accident that Thursday morning or who might know someone who was there or who might have any information about the case to come forward.

A young coloured man in a light-coloured bakkie stopped within a minute of the crash and allowed a survivor to use his cellphone. He also called emergency services. A coloured male in his late 30s or early 40s reported to survivors that he had seen the driver of the Mercedes fleeing the scene. Both of these individuals are specifically asked to come forward.

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