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Minister Carlisle: School Holidays Require Even More Vigilance on the Roads

2 October 2011

Robin Carlisle, Minister for Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, said that school holidays, which started today and end next Monday, required "even more vigilance than usual on our roads".

"Although there has been a significant reduction in the numbers of fatalities on our roads since the launch of our Safely Home campaign, there remains much to be done."

"It is a tragedy that during festive seasons and school and public holidays we continue to see increases in the numbers of crashes on our roads."

"To prevent further bloodshed, everyone needs to do their bit by not speeding, by not driving drunk, by wearing their seat belts, by making tired drivers stop for a rest, by not speaking on their cell phones or sending text messages while they are driving, by making sure their vehicles are roadworthy and by watching out for pedestrians."

The Provincial Traffic Radio Control number is 021 812 4581, while the Cape Town Traffic and Metro Police can be reached on 086 076 5423.

"School holidays are meant to be happy times, especially for our children, so let's keep them that way."

Minister Carlisle said that the main culprits in car crashes were young men, usually drunk and/or speeding.

"Ninety-six percent of the perpetrators in fatal crashes in our province are men, with drunk drivers killing hundreds of people every year."

"A special appeal must therefore be made to the irresponsible men on our roads to start showing that the safety of other road users is more important to them than the urge to drive aggressively."

"It is my wish that you and your loved ones get safely home and that you do nothing to prevent anyone else from getting safely home."

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