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Road projects in the Langeberg area

10 May 2019

A major road upgrade project (Contract C818) from Ashton to Montagu through Cogmanskloof has been underway for over three years. Another road construction project at Bonnievale (Contract C820) has recently been completed. Two other road maintenance projects have recently commenced on adjoining road sections.

Contract C1089 entails the repair and resealing of the R60 from the Nuy Valley, just east of Worcester, to Ashton. The project also includes the maintenance of 11,8 km of the R317 from Robertson to the Cogmanskloof Bridge, halfway between Robertson and Bonnievale.

Contract C1091 entails the resealing of the R60 from the turnoff to Swellendam, just east of Ashton, for 31,2 km. The project also includes the resealing of Provincial Main Road 287, as well as the resealing of 6 km of Provincial Main Road 288 (a link road to the R60).

The road authority for all three projects is the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works. Consulting engineering firms were appointed to design and administer the three projects.  After a tendering process, contracting firms were appointed to implement the projects.

The individual teams on the three projects are in contact with each other and will endeavour to minimise the impact on the travelling public whenever possible.

To report any traffic problems due to the construction work, the public can contact the individual Traffic Safety Officers (TSO) operating on the projects.  The contact details are contained in the project summary table.

Contract Description of affected roads Western Cape Government road sections Client Consulting engineers Contractor and TSO Details Period
C1089 Resealing of portions of:   Dept. of Transport and Public Works BVi

WBHO Construction



Cola Lebaje

063 366 5574

Oct 2018 to Jan 2020

  • the R60 (east of Worcester to Robertson)
  • TR31/1 km 13.58 to km 45.67
  • the R60 (Robertson to Ashton)
  • TR31/2 km 0.00 to km 15.68
  • the R317 (Robertson towards Bonnievale)
  • MR287 km 2.69 to km 14.50
C818 Rehabilitation of:   Dept. of Transport and Public Works AECOM

Haw & Inglis Civil Engineering (previously Basil Read)



Zavior Fourie 071 855 8669

Aug 2015 to Mar 2021

  • Ashton Main Road (R60)
  • TR31/2 km 15.00 to km 19.7
  • R62 through Cogmanskloof
  • TR31/2 km 19.7 to km 27.22
  • Long Street, Montagu (R62)
  • TR31/3 km 0.00 to km 1.4
  • a portion of Van Riebeeck Street, Montagu
  • DR1373 km 0.00 to km 0.98
C1091 Resealing of portions of:   Dept. of Transport and Public Works Element

WTW Civil



Drey Msini 073 961 6276

Nov 2018 to Mar 2020

  • the R60 (Ashton towards Swellendam)
  • TR32/1 km 0.00 to km 31.20
  • the “MR287”
  • MR287 km 32.00 to km 45.31
  • the road linking “MR287” to the R60.
  • MR288 km 0.00 to km 6.00


Media Enquiries: 

Byron la Hoe
Communication Officer
Department of Transport and Public Works
Tel: 021 483 9813
Cell: 079 281 8570