Safely Home Interventions Yield a Significant Drop in Number of Arrests | Western Cape Government

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Safely Home Interventions Yield a Significant Drop in Number of Arrests

15 May 2012

Minister Robin Carlisle has announced a 65% reduction in the number of arrests on the 71.6 km Average Speed Over Distance (ASOD) stretch, on the Aberdeen road near Beaufort West.

"Most importantly, there has been only one fatal crash on the ASOD stretch since its launch on 31 October last year," Minister Carlisle said.

The project (road stretch) is believed to be the longest of its kind globally.

"Twelve motorists in light motor vehicles were arrested and jailed for excessive speeding in November and December last year."

"As expected, it took a few months for word of the ASOD network to spread, after which there was a noticeable drop in arrests, leading to a monthly average of just two arrests in January, February, March and April this year," said Minister Carlisle.

"The highest speed recorded in the first half-year of operation was in February this year, when a motorist was recorded doing an average of 192 km/h over the 71.6 km stretch. The driver went straight to jail and did not pass go," Minister Carlisle said.

Minister Carlisle said that the province was already beginning to reap the benefits "in lives saved" and was vindicated in its plan to roll out ASOD to other parts of the N1 by an approach from the Eastern Cape Department of Transport.

"Our Safely Home team was approached by officials wanting advice on how to roll out ASOD on the Eastern Cape section of the Aberdeen Road, where two fatal crashes, involving a bakkie and a bus, have occurred in recent weeks," said Minister Carlisle.

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