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Melkbosstrand Road and Ganzekraal Road Intersections (R27 Update)

4 December 2015

Road R27 (West Coast Road) between the intersections with Melkbosstrand Road and Ganzekraal Road will be partially closed at times until mid-2016. 

Road M19 (Melkbosstrand road) between the R27 and N7 will be partially closed with the accommodation of two-way traffic during patching operations. Temporary Stop/Go facilities will be in place during surfacing operations. It is the contractor’s intention to open the road with width restricted lanes to two way traffic at night time. The works on this road will take place until mid-2016

The contract was awarded to Martin & East (Pty) Ltd on 1 September 2015.

Traffic accommodation strategies will involve the following:

Partial width construction:  This will take place on the R27 (West Coast road) where the full width of the road including the road shoulders will be utilised to accommodate both construction and two way traffic simultaneously.  The road will be closed off for construction over a third of the total width either on the left, centre or right of the road.  The remaining two thirds of the road will then be utilised for two way traffic movement.  It is envisaged that two lengths of approximately 4 km of the R27 will be under construction at the same time.

Stop/Go traffic control systems:  Due to the restrictive width of the M19 (Melkbosstrand Road) between the R27 and the N7, stop/go traffic control systems will have to be implemented during surfacing operations.  It is envisaged that only one length of approximately 3 km will be closed at a time for construction.  The contractor intends to open the road to restricted lane widths for two way traffic during night time.

Intersection closures:  Reconstruction and widening of several intersections will take place simultaneously with the patching and surfacing of the R27 and M19.  These areas of construction will not encroach into the travelling lanes on the R27 and M19.  Relevant bypasses and/or detours through the work zones at these intersections will be clearly demarcated.

It is a provision of the contract that traffic will be accommodated with the least delay and discomfort to the public.  The safety and convenience of the travelling public are of utmost importance and every effort will be made to ensure that all temporary road signs, delineation, flagmen and speed control systems are maintained and are affective and that courtesy is extended to the public at all times.  The contractor is required to make use of approved methods to control the movement of his equipment and vehicles so as not to constitute a hazard on the public roads.

Motorists are requested, for the sake of their own safety and that of the workers, to obey all traffic restrictions including speed limits, and to drive carefully through the construction area.  Road conditions change daily as work progresses and motorists should be vigilant when using the affected sections of road.

Information regarding further road closures and traffic accommodation will be communicated through various media channels at the required stages of construction. 

The contact number in case of any emergency is 071 536 2077.

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