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Karl Bremer Hospital Awards Strengthen WC Government’s “Green is Smart" Strategy

28 June 2015

The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works project to build a brand new office block at Karl Bremer Hospital in Cape Town and to go 110 % green has received two prestigious design awards.

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) awarded the project a Green Five Star Office Design Certification. The GBCSA also awarded the project a Green Star in the Socio-Economic Pilot Category.

This was the first time the GBCSA awarded certification in this category.

The two awards underscore the Provincial Government and Department’s “Green is Smart” strategy. The aim of the strategy is growth of green investments through living and working environments, eco-systems, and agriculture. This growth should happen among others through energy and infrastructure.

The design of the building started on 12 August 2013. The construction started on 28 January 2015. Completion of the R113 million office block is expected 12 months after the start of construction.

The Head of the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works, Jacqui Gooch says the building fits in with the Western Cape Government’s 110% Green initiative that was on launched on World Environment Day 2012.

Ms Gooch said 110% Green calls for a paradigm shift to connect environmental preservation and economic growth. She said its aim is to be a catalyst to build a critical mass of activity that puts the Western Cape well on the road to becoming Africa’s Green Economic Hub.

“The Department of Transport and Public Works is 110% committed to ensure the properties that we build are in line with the 110% Green initiative. We aim to provide a platform that stimulates people and organisations to build an innovative and dynamic Green Economy and this project is an example of our commitment,” Ms Gooch said.

About the GBCSA

The Green Building Council South Africa leads the transformation of the South African property industry to ensure that buildings are designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way.

It is one of over 95 members of the World Green Building Council alongside Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Green Building Council SA has developed the Green Star SA rating system and is the official certification body for Green Star SA projects.

Its mission is to promote, encourage and facilitate green building in the South African property and construction industry through market-based solutions.

The Criteria for Both Awards

The Socio-Economic category was judged on:

  • Employment Creation through design decisions and construction processes which include facilities for micro enterprises, targeted employment and labour intensive construction methodologies. This amounts to at least 10% of the total labour (including sub-contractors) during construction to youth, women and the disabled.
  • Economic Opportunity through growth and development of small, micro and medium size enterprises, through interventions in the design, construction, and operational phases of the building.
  • Skills development and training where practical experience is provided for people employed in the categories of unskilled, semi-skilled, supervisory, design and technical fields.
  • Community benefit which allows for a community public benefit facility within the building or site.
  • Empowerment especially achievement of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE).
  • Safety and Health to improve the health of the construction workers and to promote better safety practices.
  • Mixed income housing, where at least 10% of staff accommodation is available for staff that has to travel fare or work outside normal working hours.

The Office Design Certification was based on:

  • Management of the project.
  • The indoor quality of the building, energy use.
  • Water use.
  • Use of recycled materials.
  • Land use and ecology.
  • CO2 emissions reduction.
  • And innovation.

The Office Design Certification was especially notable for the following innovations:

  • Blackwater Treatment Plant – All drain water and sewerage is treated on site and not discharged into a municipal sewer.
  • Treated Blackwater is supplied to the HVAC Cooling Towers – This will save 1.1 million litres per annum of mains potable water.
  • Harvesting of HVAC bleed-off – Waste water from cooling tower bleed-off is utilised for toilet flushing.
  • Storm water infiltrated into the Ground – Storm water is prevented from entering the Municipal system by using naturally landscaped Bio retention areas to absorb the water into the ground.

The other credits were mainly achieved through design excellence in:

  • Quality of Indoor Environment.
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • Low Emissions.
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