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Major Work Completed on Victoria Road

9 March 2015

Victoria Road Progress Report and Programme for the Week 9 to 13 March 2015

Project Description

C958.04: Repair and Resurfacing of Victoria Road (Mr103) Km 2.1 to Km 4.75, Near Llandudno.

Construction Progress

  • The resurfacing of the roadway is complete.
  • All the centreline road marking, including the large painted islands at two places and the painting of the northbound shoulder line are completed.
  • The pre-marking of the southbound has been completed and will be painted on Monday.

The rain on Wednesday last week made the road surface wet and the whole of Wednesday was lost but because of the re-routing of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, the contractor was able to work on Friday.

Possible Delays


Rain that could delay the installation of road studs (cats eyes).

Road and Access Closures

The installation of road studs will not necessitate any stop/go road closures as it can be done with either shoulder closures and/or lane shifts, all clearly marked with delineators. Attention to snags and tidying up along the roadway will continue this week.

The lining of defective storm-water pipes under the road will start this week and the replacing of damaged poles and the realigning of bad sections of the guardrails will continue until at least the end of March.

The final touches to the slip repair near the Llandudno turnoff will continue this week. The slope protection of the material that has been replaced might run into next week. A few adjustments to manhole covers in the roadway will also take place. None of these activities will require stop/go lane closures and can all be done with short local shoulder closures.

Since these local shoulder closures will have very little impact on traffic and since there is no other major work to be done as part of this contract, the next bulletin will be at the beginning of April.

Interesting Facts

There will be a total of approximately 950 road studs (cats eyes) installed on the centreline and shoulder lines. These road studs cost approximately R173 each to install, totalling approximately R164 000 for this section of road. So next time you drive along a stretch of road with road studs, just think of the cost involved in order to assist you in keeping on the narrow strip of road where you should be driving.

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