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Eugene Louw Thanks Gene Louw Traffic College

26 September 2014

Eugene (Gene) Louw was the Administrator of the Cape Province from 1979 – 1989.

Various hospitals, schools and other government institutions were opened and named in his honour including the Gene Louw Traffic College (GLTC) in Brackenfell during this time.

He retired from politics in 1994 and returned to his work as a lawyer in Durbanville.

He always maintained the pride of GLTC even after his term as Administrator, keeping himself abreast of the positive developments at the college over the years and honouring its 25 years of existence.

He could not attend GLTC’s 25th Anniversary Celebration which took place on 26 September 2014 but extended his gratitude to the college in a letter addressed to Mr Mario Snow from the Training and Development directorate.

Extract from Mr Louw’s letter:

“I am thankful however for the years I could at all times be extremely proud of the College right in the midst of the area where I lived, and so often got used to well known blue uniforms at all times attending to maintaining of law and order on our roads – including the very few where I had to pay spot fines, without any objection (!) paid without objecting against the method of payment involved.

“My sincerest apology for not having been able to attend the function in which I was so deeply involved and having been the saviour of many lives on our roads. Thanks for the honour to have been invited by yourself and the rest of your force to attend to what would have been a memorable function to me and my family.”