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Transport and Public Works Signs MOU with Small Bus Operators

16 April 2014

The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the South African National Small Bus Operators Council in the Western Cape (SANSBOC-WC) on 15 April 2014. Small refers to the number of buses and not the size.

This Council was established in 2012 to act as a representative body for bus operators who own a maximum of 30 buses that carry 35 or more seated passengers.

“The department has identified the need to formalise the establishment of a working relationship, based on mutual understanding and respect, which will assist both parties to successfully execute its Strategy and Business Plan.

“This will contribute to the provision of a safe, reliable and affordable public transport service in the Western Cape, which is a key strategic objective. We recognise the role that small bus operators (SBOs) play in, and the essential service that they provide to, the transport industry, and are confident that this first step in ensuring the full inclusion of SBOs, will see the industry grow and allow it to flourish,” said Robin Carlisle, Minister of Transport and Public Works.

The intention of the MOU is:

  • To serve as a guideline which will govern the relationship between the department and SANSBOC-WC. This would enable the department to give the necessary assistance and attention aimed at creating an enabling environment for the bus operators to provide a quality service that will allow for economic self-sustainability.
  • To support, encourage and promote the constructive involvement of the SBOs into the main stream formal bus industry and related services in South Africa, specifically the Western Cape.
  • To establish structures that will enable the department (inclusive of all provincial and local governmental structures) and SANSBOC-WC to develop and implement shared strategies for advancing the role of the SBOs as an integral part of the overall provision of public transport in the Western Cape.

The department commends the Executive Committee of SANSBOC-WC for their dedication and commitment towards their members and stakeholders. It also congratulates SANSBOC-WC for the design and implementation of a Safety & Compliance Procedure (SCP) Manual in collaboration with all its members. This SCP manual was piloted with one bus operator in each of the four districts chosen. The pilot highlights specific areas which the bus operators need to address, as well as the need for passengers to take responsibility for their own safety. This pilot was especially aimed at learner transport schemes.

“We have met all the required criteria that allowed the department to agree to this momentous occasion. We further commit to honour our contribution to this MOU and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our members adhere to all the relevant laws and regulations that govern our industry.

“We will put the required steps in place that will make our operations safe, reliable, customer centric and cost effective for all,” said Johan Swartz, the Chairman of SANSBOC-WC.

The signatories believe that the letter and spirit of this MOU will allow them to ensure the continued viable existence of the bus operator in the Western Cape.

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