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Metered Taxi Industry Elects Fully Representative Provincial Council

10 October 2013

Statement by Robin Carlisle, Minister of Transport and Public Works

In a historic event today, the metered taxi industry edged even closer to the realisation of the ultimate goal of a fully representative Western Cape Metered Taxi Council, one that is:

  • Focused on eliminating fragmentation within the industry
  • Ensuring quality vehicle standards that are uniform
  • Stamping out illegal operations.

All of which directly compromise the safety of the many passengers that this industry serves.

As the industry increasingly speaks in one voice, so its leadership will be more accountable, and in time will prosper and grow in strength.

It would, however, be extremely naïve of us not to acknowledge the current challenges faced by the metered taxi industry. These challenges are not irremediable, but will take time, and the collective efforts of all involved, to remedy the situation. Now is not the time for bold rebuttals or denials, we must acknowledge the problems, consult with all affected parties, work together to identify the most effective interceding measures and ensure that these are addressed immediately to counter any further damage.

Fragmentation in the industry has meant disproportionate growth and overtrading, primarily through the proliferation of illegal operation in the industry. As is the case with mini-bus taxis, such a situation invariably causes tensions that erupt in violent confrontations. We cannot allow this to happen here. Together with law enforcement, we will continue to work hard towards ridding the industry of illegal operators whose often unsafe vehicles and shady operations paint the entire industry in a negative light.

Constant enforcement operations in and around the city will continue to try and stamp these out indefinitely, and the work of this newly elected council will be crucial to achieving this. The City of Cape Town will, in due course, take responsibility for the metered taxi industry in the city and work towards ensuring that legal operators continue to benefit.

The metered taxi industry is very diverse and the new council is especially structured to account for this diversity. There will be separate chambers for individual and fleet owners. Together they have elected their governing body of 25, and an executive of nine members of whom at least three must come from each of the chambers. Today the council elected Mr Ayub Baker as its chairperson.

The metered taxi industry is a valued part of the public transport family and is a key contributor to the growth of the economy in the Western Cape. Its work allows our citizens and very many visitors to enjoy the full range of attractions that this province has on offer. We must therefore ensure that all members in the metered taxi industry are represented and are fully aligned with this collective vision of the future of this industry.

Media Enquiries: 

Siphesihle Dube
Spokesperson for Robin Carlisle, Minister of Transport and Public Works
Ministry of Transport and Public Works
Tel: 021 483 8954
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