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Department of Social Development: About Us

The Department of Social Development is committed to the following core functions: 

  • A Social Welfare Service to the poor and vulnerable in partnership with stakeholders and civil society organisations; and
  • A Community Development Service that provides sustainable development programmes, which facilitate empowerment communities. 

Organisational Structure 

View the Organisational Structure for the Department.

Roads and StructuresVision

A self-reliant society.

To ensure the provision of a comprehensive network of social development services that enables and empowers the poor, the vulnerable and those with special needs.

Key Service Delivery Principles
The Department of Social Development is committed to the key service delivery principles:

  • Working differently : The Department will endeavour to explore and test different and innovative way of working in order to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time without compromising quality. 
  • Consultation and inclusion : We will pay on-going attention to meaningful engagement with our partners and stakeholders as defined in the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act. 
  • Accessibility : Accessibility of services to those who need it is essential. The Department will continue modernising its structure and process where necessary over the MTEF period.
  • Accountability and transparency : Institutionalise good corporate governance through the implementation of results-based monitoring, evaulation and reporting, sound business process, policies and enhancement of compliance in order to improve accountability and performance.