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Unlike other Western Cape Government departments that provide frontline services directly to our citizens, many of the services we render are geared toward enabling and supporting our provincial departments  to serve our residents efficiently, based on a shared vision.

We, the Department of the Premier, achieve this through:Innovation and Culture Icon

1)    timeous executive governance support services to the Executive and the Director-General of the Western Cape Government, including operational, financial and administrative support services.

2)    external communication and public participation to ensure that information about service delivery targets, strategic planning, and vision-inspired priorities is easily accessible to the public;

3)    the development and implementation of provincial policies and strategies to support the Executive;

4)    coordinating data and evidence as an essential asset;

5)    strategic linkages and engagements to support delivery on government’s priorities, service delivery improvement and the sustainable development of the province;

6)    efficient and professional transversal corporate services to improve service delivery across provincial departments;

7)    innovative information and communication technologies across our province; and

8)    legal governance and advisory, litigation and legislative drafting services to ensure legally-sound decision making by the Western Cape Government.

Most importantly, the Department of the Premier plays a lead role in the roll out of the Provincial Strategic Plan 2019-2024. From the points mentioned above, it makes sense that we drive our Vision-Inspired Priorities from the point of Innovation and Culture.

Have a look at our organogram for a better picture of our various branches.

For more information, download our Departmental Strategic Plan 2020/2025 or contact us.

The content on this page was last updated on 8 July 2021