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The After School Programme Office offers various training programmes including:

The Leading Innovative Partnerships in Extended Education Training Programme 

This programme is targeted at school, NGO and other sector leaders. Schools alone cannot solve the issues within our education system and if change is to be realized, a collaborative effort is required from all stakeholders across the learning journey. Course participants will have the opportunity to learn how different education stakeholders are moving beyond individual action towards collective action, with the aim of creating coherent systems of support around the school and across the extended school day. The application window for this programme is currently closed.

After School Basics Training Programme

This four-day intensive training programme is targeted at practitioners and covers various themes including:

  • The why, what and how of After School Programmes
  • Social and emotional tools to understand self and learners
  • Understanding their role in delivering effective and quality programmes
  • Partnerships and relationship management to ensure optimal institutional support

If you are an organisation and are interested in training practitioners or volunteers (groups of 20-30) in your organisation please send an email to

Extended Education Practitioner Training Programme

A comprehensive course in understanding the importance and value of an extended school day, this is a 12-month part-time programme offered by Stellenbosch University. It includes four residential blocks of five days each, as well as study and assignments in participants’ own time. The application window for this programme is currently closed.


How to start an ASP - Workshop Series 

The 4-part workshop series uses the After School Game Changer – Quality Programming Umbrella Framework to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to start an After School Programme that speaks to the needs of a community/learners/school. Importantly, the workshop series emphasises that the After School Programme is a response to a specific issue/problem/gap.

Managers in Extended Education Training (MEET) Programme

The programme is available to all individuals responsible for the co-ordination, management and development of After School Programme volunteers and/or practitioners. Potential applicants might be MOD Centre Co-ordinators, MPOs, Sport Coordinators, Branch/Site Coordinators, or Programme Managers.

For more information email:

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