Frequently Asked Questions | After School Game Changer

1. Who and what is the After School Game Changer?

The After School Game Changer is provincial priority project. The Game Changer office focuses on creating an enabling environment, partnerships and support for increasing the participation of learners from no and low fee schools in extracurricular, after school activities.

2. What do we do?

We are a Transversal Strategic Office tasked with:

  • Building a movement to popularise and mainstream extended education in the Western Cape and, more broadly, South Africa
  • Professionalising the sector, including building its capacity and local research base
  • Leveraging government and donors’ investment in ASP
  • Building partnerships and collaboration through Community of Practice events 
  • Recognising leadership and excellence through our 3 After School Awards. 

3. Do you fund projects or programmes?

No. The After School Programme Office is not a funding office.

4. Do you have any resources that I can access?

Yes. A full range of resources can be found on our resources page. For hard copies of handbooks, posters or timetables, please email us directly, using the subject line “Resources”, and then detail your specific request.

5. What is a Community of Practice event and how do I sign up?

The Learning Trust, in partnership with the Western Cape Government, holds three Community of Practice (COP) events a year. These events are aimed at connecting stakeholders and improving overall coordination and impact of the extended education sector. For more information on the COPs and to join the next event, please contact The Learning Trust at

Visit our COP page to access past learning briefs. 

6. How can I get involved?

If you are interested in taking part in any of our training initiatives, applying for our awards or collaborating with the office please email

7. How do I stay up to date with what the After School sector?

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If the section above didn’t answer all of your questions or if you would still like to make direct contact with our office, please contact us on:

Phone 021 483 9844


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