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NGO Community of Practice: Learning Briefs

The Learning Trust, in partnership with the Western Cape Government, holds three Community of Practice events a year. These events are aimed at connecting stakeholders and improving overall coordination and impact of the extended education sector. For more information on the COPs and to join the next event please contact The Learning Trust at

2019 Learning Briefs
2017 After School Symposium: Learning Briefs

Five learning briefs were created to consolidate the discussions emerging from the inspiring two-day event. 

After School Symposium
Learning Brief 1: The Why of After School Programmes

Expanding access to quality After School Programmes is one of the Western Cape Government's six Game Changer projects. By 2019, the goal is to get 112 000 learners in no- and low- schools regularly attending quality, comprehensive After School Programmes.

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Learning Brief 2: The 4 pillars of After School Programmes

After School Programmes are conceptualised as being supported by four central pillars. These are academic and eLearning, sport and recreation, arts and culture, and life skills. 

Learning Brief 3: Monitoring and Evaluation

It is important to understand that quality in an After School programme must track the positive impact that they have on learner's educational and personal outcomes. 

Learning Brief 4: Innovations in After School Programmes

Many organisations already have creative an innovative ways of dealing with a range of challenges. These involve keeping learners incentivised to participate in programmes, getting parental buy-in and support for After School Programmes, making learning fun, and working with learners who come from difficult circumstances. 

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Learning Brief 5: After School Game Changer

Map community resources and use after school programmes to bring into the school, including parents. Use opportunities provided by the after school sector to empower the broader community/create champions for the after school space. Use after school practitioners and others to market after school programming in communities. 

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