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About us

Our Youth development programme provides a wide range of services, opportunities and support to young people as well as their families. Our programme builds on the strengths of young people through skills development, leadership training, mentoring and transitioning youth through different life and problem stages.

The programme is done on a holistic level utilising social inclusion of most youth with a specific focus on NEET's Youth (Not in Education, Employment and or Training).

In 2013 the Western Cape Government adopted the Western Cape Youth Development Strategy. The purpose of the Youth Development Strategy is to create more Support, Opportunities and Services for all young people to better engage with their environment and successfully transition into responsible, independent, and stable adults.  

The strategy focuses on young people between 10 and 14 years of age (which is regarded as pre-youth, because we believe that we need to intervene at a much earlier age) and youth between 15 and 24 years of age.

The Youth Café model is one of the innovative approaches to youth development that aims to meet the objectives of the Provincial Youth Development Strategy in a creative environment.

The Western Cape Government has partnered with non-profit organisations (NPO’s) which has been contracted to facilitate the operation of Youth Cafés. To date the Department of Social Development contracted 4 non-profit organisations to operate 6 Youth Cafés in the Western Cape.