Youth Café | Youth Café

Youth Cafés seek to provide youth with a platform where they can access skills and personal development training, economic and social development opportunities, and creative spaces where they are able to express themselves at a local and global scale.

It is an exciting programme that provides support, services, and opportunities for the youth that are not in employment, education or training. 

Youth Cafés include fully operational coffee shops where youth can relax, chat with each other, and drink coffee, as well as attend training programmes that can further their education.

What can a young person expect to find at the Youth Cafés?

  • A vibrant, welcoming, positive and affirming environment.
  • An environment of high aspirations for, and expectations of, young people.
  • Well planned, specially designed programmes and activities that are presented by skilled, confident, and empathetic staff who build trusting relationships with young people.
  • A ‘deliberate learning environment’ for staff and participants.
  • Maximised opportunities for learning and growth, and meaningful involvement of young people in choosing and designing activities.
  • Emotional and moral support, physical and psychological safety.
  • The Building of strong links between young people, their families, communities and broader community resources.

What Services, Opportunities and Support are provided at Youth Cafés?

  • Use of computers
  • Internet access
  • Employment programmes
  • Job readiness training
  • Community development programmes
  • Personal development training
  • Leadership and mentoring training
  • Wellness programmes
  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Specialised courses (mobile application development, web and graphic design, hairdressing, first aid, blogging and videography)
  • Talent development programmes
  • Social innovation
  • Mobile and internet solutions
  • Social media
  • Arts
  • Filmmaking
  • Events management
  • Community services

What do you need to become a member?

  • Be aged 16-25
  • Be in possession of an Identity Document (ID) or birth certificate.