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Department of Human Settlements Forms

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This form is required to apply for an Item 28(1) certificate which is used to vest RSA properties in the name of the Province or National Government.
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These forms need to be completed by anyone applying for a subsidy from the Department of Social Services and Poverty Alleviation for an Early Childhood Development facility.
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Inquiry by employer to establish whether a person's name appears in part B of the National Child Protection Register. (Regulation 44).
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This is the application form you need to complete when applying for funding for an anti-crime project from the Department of Community Safety.
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This form needs to be completed by anyone applying for a permit to destroy, damage, deface, excavate, alter or remove from its original position, subdivide or change the planning status of a provincial heritage site or a provisionally protected place, or to alter or demolish any structure or part of a structure older than 60 years.
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