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Business Development: Overview

The objective of the Business Development Unit is to investigate, formally study, report and provide initial impetus for the establishment of viable projects between the private sector and Western Cape Government Health, functioning within the National Treasury prescripts.

The Business Development Unit has a handful of professionals that work with experts in the Department, without compromising other directorates such as Supply Chain Management.

The Directorate is a central access point for the private sector to engage with the Department. This provides a platform where-by parties outside the public sector may gain a better understanding of the processes and mechanisms which exist within government, thus allowing line management to focus on their primary function.

The unit is made up of two components:

1. Public Private Partnership & Public Private Initiatives (PPP & PPI)

The PPP & PPI component assists with the following:

  • Identifying and addressing potentially viable projects
  • Investigating and reporting on these projects
  • Drafting of proposed service level agreements 
  • Development of business plans and proposals
  • Assists with the implementation and facilitation of the recommendations provided
  • Facilitating projects arising from within the Department and from other Departments

To apply for family planning, baby immunisation, or other services rendered in partnership with the WCGH, please click here.

Please note the Metro Health District is not currently considering new applications, but interested parties can apply at any time.


2. Strategic Partnerships

The purpose of the strategic partnership component is to seek out additional funding for Western Cape Government Health, to network and build relationships in order to facilitate efficient service delivery solutions.
a) Funding Bodies
The Funding Bodies subcomponent acts as a liaison body between the Department of Health and other funders such as The Children’s Hospital Trust and The Health Foundation.  It also assists with the interaction of donors’ with the Department and the allocation of donations according to Departmental priorities

b) Public Private Health Forum (PPHF)  
The PPHF is a consultative body by means of which the public, non-governmental and private health sectors interact in order to address matters of common concern in the provision of health services in the country. It also explores ways in which the parties can collaborate to promote the public health services.
Visit Public Private Health Forum for more information.


3. Western Cape Coronavirus (COVID-19) Partners


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