Provincial Sustainable Transport Programme

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The Provincial Sustainable Transport Programme (PSTP), formerly known as the Provincial Public Transport Institutional Framework (PPTIF), was initiated by the Western Cape Mobility Department to support the development and implementation of sustainable transport systems in the Western Cape.

A sustainable transport system is one which facilitates equitable and safe access to opportunities; is affordable, supports a vibrant, inclusive economy; and limits impact on the environment.

The Programme initially focussed on how the Department could partner with local municipalities in the province, apart from the City of Cape Town, to improve public transport and non-motorised transport in line with the National Land Transport Act (No. 5 of 2009). The approach was informed by the lessons learnt through the implementation of the George Integrated Public Transport Network (GIPTN), which was led by the Department. Over time, the Programme has expanded to include other provincial transport strategic priorities.

As such, the PSTP currently has two focus areas. The first is improving local transport systems in partnership with non-metro municipalities and with a focus on public transport and non-motorised transport (NMT) in poor and marginalised communities. This includes an Incremental Approach to improving public transport that results in rapid and demonstrable improvements to the user experience, but in a manner that reduces the capacity burden on government, lowers the immediate cost, and reduces the risk of transformation to the public transport industry.

The second focus area is province-wide transport improvements, with a focus on the strategic priorities of rail, freight, transport information systems, transport safety and the establishment of a Western Cape Transport Authority (WCTA).

The PSTP also covers the strategic, institutional, organisational, legal, funding and implementation considerations for these focus areas.

As such, the PSTP has evolved to become a large, multi-faceted programme of transport improvement.