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Annual Report of the Western Cape Provincial Library Service

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Oral History Framework

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Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport (Western Cape Government)
The use of oral sources features prominently amongst the critical developments in the South African historiography during the twentieth century. This development permeated from academy to public institutions and sites of memory such as museums, archives, libraries, heritage institutions, etc. 

WebPALS: Online Library Services

    The WebPALS service accommodates libraries managed by the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and does not include the libraries that fall under the City of Cape Town. Library members can use the Internet to renew library materials, search the online catalogue, or access library information.   WebPALS

Western Cape Provincial Libraries

The Library Service forms an important part of the services offered to the people of the Western Cape. The entire community has the right to free access to library and information services. The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) seeks to develop, transform and promote sustainable library, information and archives services. Providing information is a key service. The reason for this is that it promotes a culture of reading, library use and learning that enriches the whole community.