WebPALS: Online Library Services

Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning



The WebPALS service accommodates libraries managed by the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and does not include the libraries that fall under the City of Cape Town.

Library members can use the Internet to renew library materials, search the online catalogue, or access library information.




Using WebPALS, you can search the online catalogue, reference files and indexes, using a basic and advanced search.

If you are accessing WebPALS from a library or campus, the search sets that library as the default for searching; otherwise all Pals libraries are set as the default for searching.

Displaying personal information
You can see all items and titles linked to your record.

Online renewals
You can renew items that you've checked out.

Inter-library loans
You can cancel loan requests.

Other library information
You can see:

  • a library's monthly calendar with hours of operation
  • a library's quarter or semester dates
  • a library's circulation class information for library users and items
  • library statistics
  • file size statistics.

To access online library services, go to the Slims website.

Provided by:
Government Body: (Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport, Western Cape Government)
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