Substance abuse remains a main contributing factor to crime in our communities, and threatens the social fabric of our province. The release of recent crime statistics indicate the problem is on the rise. An increasing concern is the rise of abuse of substances among young people.

Prevention is key and by tackling possible problems before they arise will help to promote family bonding while also helping the person using drugs to feel a sense of belonging and self-value.

Our prevention services provide you with a selection of healthier life choices and promote an active integrated lifestyle. The services are generally composed of providing information, counselling and support services. The Western Cape Government provides these services at places such as child and youth care centres (CYCCS), MOD centres and other youth organisations that are focused on our youth.

How to get help

The first step starts with you. If you’re worried that you or a friend may have a problem, don’t wait any longer to get help.

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Identifying substance abuse

Know what the warning signs of a substance abuse problem are so that you can start working on finding a solution.

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Service Providers

providing substance abuse interventions, in the process of acquiring registration, please complete and submit the relevant application forms

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Breaking down the myths

There are many myths about substance abuse and addiction that often prevents people from getting the help they need.

Here are 5 facts to assist you to get the help and support you need.


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