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Before starting treatment, you’ll attend an assessment session.

Assessment will determine the type of treatment that is required and is conducted by a trained healthcare professional or social worker. You’ll be able to have an assessment done at a local office of the Department of Social Development, or any community-based organisation with substance use disorder services.

Treatment options are based on your evaluation: 

Early intervention services

The person would’ve started experimenting with substances but hasn’t developed a dependency. Early intervention services are rendered within the community.

Community-based treatment

A service rendered to a person who is engaging in harmful drug and alcohol use. Treatment involves attending regular sessions, the person can maintain his/her employment, have the support of their family and it’s less costly than inpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment services

A social worker may recommend inpatient treatment to a substance user. The affected person would spend an extended period of time away from loved ones in a residential facility and treatment services may only be provided by a registered treatment facility.


After treatment, the substance user is provided with aftercare services to manage and maximise the benefits gained. To continue recovery from harmful use of substances, users are encouraged to attend aftercare sessions for as long as possible.

Out-patient Treatment

A non-residential service provided by a treatment centre or halfway house to persons who abuse substances and to persons affected by substance use disorder and which is managed for the purposes of providing a holistic treatment service.

Halfway House

A sober living environment for service users who have completed a formal treatment programme for substance use disorder and require a protected living environment in order to prepare them for reintegration into society. 

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