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Traffic Officer Graduation

20 June 2014

Speech by Donald Grant, Minister of Transport and Public Works

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Gene Louw Traffic College opened its doors on 15 September 1989 with a staff of six instructors and an enrolment of 11 traffic students.

Since its opening, this college has consistently improved on its service delivery to the traffic fraternity at large. The effort of the management and staff over the years has established the reputation of this traffic training college in South Africa and across its borders. This was recently acknowledged by the Road Traffic Management Corporation at its awards ceremony where our college and staff competed with the nine other traffic and municipal colleges and was recognised in all the five categories as the leading traffic training institution in our country.

Part of Gene Louw Traffic Training College’s accomplishments is full accreditation with SASSETA, RTMC and SAPS as an official institution to facilitate and manage firearm training. As the newly appointed Minister of Transport and Public Works, I am honoured to officiate at this graduation ceremony for our newly qualified Traffic Officials.

With the introduction of the outcomes based Traffic Qualification in January 2011 as well as the major demand for traffic training needs, the Provincial Government of the Western Cape invested substantially in the upgrading of these facilities to meet the specific requirements which would enable the college to maintain its accreditation with the relevant professional bodies as well as enhance the training facilitated. The funds used thus far were well spent.  This is evident in our graduates many of whom made sacrifices to be part of a demanding profession driven by a calling to serve the citizens of this province as well as all of its visitors.

The achievements of these graduates in obtaining their qualifications included:

  • Twelve Progress Examinations.
  • Six RTMC Summative Examinations.
  • Four Summative Examinations.
  • Countless hours spent on practical training in law enforcement activities which also included the compulsory deployment over Easter and the Festive Season to Provincial Traffic Centres and Local Authorities.
  • Firearm competency training.
  • Driver Training Programme:
    • 40 passed Learners’ Licences
    • 20 passed – Articulated Motor Vehicle
    • 14 passed Motor Cycle
  • First Aid and Fire Fighting.

Other than receiving your traffic diploma tonight, you will also receive your registration as Traffic Officers and Peace Officers as well as your appointment cards to practise the duties of a Traffic Officer.

It is evident that the diligent work has paid dividends and the time has come for you to report to your respective traffic centres and apply all of the training you received with honour and pride as a traffic official.

The daily specialised functions you will be performing can and will contribute to the Decade of Action which aims to reduce fatalities on our roads by 50%. We are currently the only province which has shown a significant decrease (29,63%) in road fatalities and this can be attributed to our integrated law enforcement activities.

In closing, I want to congratulate you on all your wonderful achievements. I know that you will sincerely commit yourself to the profession during the Traffic Officers’ pledge which forms part of the programme tonight.

I thank you Ladies and Gentleman.

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