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Launch of National Archives Awareness Week in the Western Cape

10 May 2017



9 MAY 2017

Good morning, goeiemôre, molweni nonke

It gives me great pleasure to not only address you at this significant launch of the 2017 National Archives Awareness Week but to heartily welcome our national and provincial colleagues to the Western Cape.

The Western Cape Archives and Records Service is delighted to host the 2017 National Archives Awareness Week in partnership with the National Archives and Records Service of South Africa and other provincial archives. During this week we will collectively seek to:

  • Educate the youth about the importance of records and archives for research purposes and as well as for career choices.
  • Expose more members of the public to the nature of Archives and Records Services so that they can understand and appreciate documented history and importance of proper management of records and
  • Promote and bring to the public’s attention, the unique, extraordinary and rare documents preserved in archival institutions.

This week is an open opportunity for every member of the public, more specifically the youth to explore the history of South Africa as well as to gain knowledge on researching their own family history.

We hope each of you present here today and those participating in the programmes of the week will not only be inspired to trace your own family history but will be inspired to motivate others to do so as well because it is fundamental that we all know where we come from so that we are better informed of where we are heading as a socially inclusive, connected and united nation of South Africans. The daily programme includes presentations on archival functions, exhibitions and tours of the Western Cape Archive and Records Service. The highlight of the week is the Family History Workshop which I am sure you all will participate in.

I am also happy to announce that the programme for this week is extended to areas outside the Metro Region, and these include Hermanus, Worcester and Malmesbury, with the purpose of taking Archives to the people across the province.  

I now take this opportunity to thank each of you for taking the time to attend this launch.  I trust that all here today, will make use of the opportunity in the coming week to visit the archives and to witness first-hand the outstanding work done by this profession.

The Archives connects people, places and cultures. It is for this reason that I would like to share our Oral History Initiative with you as the Western Cape Archives Service has become the custodian of this significant project which serves to preserve our rich history for present and future generations. Our Department has made great strides in promoting understanding and social inclusion by going across the province to capture and document the personal oral histories of those who call the Western Cape home.  Through this initiative together with the support from the municipalities, we are filling the gaps of cultural history that was once not documented and lost as our elders passed on. You are more than welcome to engage with the oral histories documented on DVDs thus far.    

Ladies and gentlemen, I now introduce my national colleague, the Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Mr Enver Surty to present the keynote address.

I thank you.

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