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Registering on the Voters' Roll

Before you can vote in the National or Municipal elections, you need to be registered on the voter's roll.

The Roll contains the details of individual voters and is an important planning tool. For example, it allows the IEC to know how many people are likely to vote in each area so that they can ensure that there are sufficient voting stations.

The Voters' Roll is also an important way of preventing electoral fraud.

You can only register in the area where you are usually resident - that is where you live, or the place that you return to after a time away.

To register, you need to:

  • Be over 16.
  • Apply for registration in person.
  • Be a South African citizen.
  • Have and show a valid bar-coded identity document (ID) or valid temporary identity certificate (TIC).

You can register at the office of the Municipal Electoral Officer, during office hours.

Although you can register when you turn 16, you will only be able to vote when you turn 18.

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