Changing your Details on the Voters' Roll

The Voters' Roll needs to be as accurate and inclusive as possible. Voters' details must be correct. This means that the Voters' Roll needs to be continually updated.

New Voters need to be added onto the Roll. This would include anyone who reaches the age of 16, anyone who becomes a South African citizen and any South Africa citizens who haven't registered before.

Voters need to update their information, for example if you have changed your address, or if you have changed your surname because you have been married.

Names also need to be removed from the Roll. For example, people who have died (a death certificate needs to be provided).

To change your registration details, you need to go to your local Municipal Electoral Office.

Or for more information you can contact the IEC office in the Western Cape:

The Bridge, 1st Floor, Unit 4, 304 Durban Road, Bellville
Tel: 021 910 5700
Fax: 021 910 4965

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The content on this page was last updated on 9 September 2013