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Voting in the National and Provincial Elections


2019 ElectionsThe National and Provincial elections take place every 5 years. The outcome of the election determines which political party will govern the country and how many seats each party will have in Parliament. Similarly, these elections also determine which of the political parties will govern each of the 9 provinces.

This year, as a registered voter, you'll be able to vote on Wednesday, 8 May 2019, between 7am and 9pm. The day is a public holiday to allow you to cast your vote.

Your vote counts!

Voting is your chance to have your voice heard,  and is the one of the biggest ways you can contribute to our active democracy.


The Voting ProcessTo vote in the elections, you first need to be registered on the Voters' Roll. You'll then be able to vote at the voting station in the area that you're registered in. 

The voting process works as follows:

  • You enter the voting station and your name is checked against the Voters' Roll to make sure that you're registered at that voting station and that you haven't already voted.
  • Your thumb is inked and your name is crossed out on the voter's roll to indicate that you have voted, and to prevent anyone from voting twice.
  • You're given a ballot paper for national and a separate ballot paper for provincial which contains a list of all the parties. Make sure that the back of your ballot paper is stamped or it will be considered invalid. 
  • You place your mark on the ballot paper next to the party of your choice in private.
  • Finally, cast your vote, by placing the marked ballot paper in the sealed voting box.

If you're physically disabled or visually impaired, you can choose someone to help you at the voting station. The Presiding Officer can also help you cast your vote, but an observer and, if available, 2 agents from different parties must be present.

For more information, contact the provincial IEC office:

Provincial office:
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Tel: 021 910 5700
Fax: 021 910 4965

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