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Western Cape's Disaster Management Monitoring Effects of Heavy Rainfall

3 June 2013

A series of frontal systems were experienced over the Western Cape from 1 to 3 June 2013, which brought heavy rainfall, cold conditions and hail to various areas. The Cape Metropole area was most affected by heavy rain and hail, with informal settlements the hardest hit.

The Western Cape Disaster Management Centre is on alert monitoring the districts and City of Cape Town. All disaster management officials are on standby and high alert for the week ahead.

No road closures were experienced in the City and major arterials were not affected or closed throughout the weekend.

Colin Deiner, Chief Director of the Western Cape Disaster Management Centre, says, "There are disaster management centres in each of the five districts, including the metro, which are fully operational. We are in contact and supporting our counterparts in the districts. Weather reports are being monitored and we will ensure the necessary relief operations are available."

The public are cautioned to stay clear of flooded areas and are urged to use alternative routes.

View the heavily affected areas (map).

Situation Report Summary: 

City of Cape Town
To date, disaster relief was delivered to a total of 8 999 households and 28 360 people.

Cape Winelands District Municipality

A few dwellings were sandbagged during the course of last night (2 June 2013) with one home evacuated. While clearing a rockslide in the Franschhoek Pass, another one took place fatally injuring a worker while another worker sustained only injuries.  

One person died in a shack fire in Nduli, however it still needs to be determined whether it is weather-related. Informal (wendy) houses were affected by the rain in Op-die-Berg village, Ceres.

A minor rock slide in Cogmanskloof Pass took place, however it was cleared by CWDM roads department. One indigent woman died of hypothermia in Robertson last night (2 June 2013). It was further reported that the Langeberg Mountains are covered in snow.

Various areas within the Drakenstein and Witzenberg experienced power failures during Saturday and Sunday, which have since been restored.

Overberg District Municipality
The Franschoek pass between Franschoek and Villiersdorp is closed due to rock slides.

Eden District Municipality
No damages reported.

West Coast District Municipality
No damages reported.

Central Karoo District Municipality
No damages reported. Snow on the mountains.

Media Enquiries: 

Colin Deiner
Chief Director: Disaster Management & Fire Brigade Services
Cell: 082 550 6770
E-mail: Colin.Deiner@westerncape.gov.za